The P'Nut

The P'Nut

Thursday, April 1, 2010

What did I say?

I have no clue what I put in the earlier blog and I know I won't be near as witty in the replay...

I've been sick..blah blah blah. I know that was in there. Riley got her stitches out and now has those Steri-Strip things holding her boo boo together. It used to be a fight to get a band-aid on and now she's like Fifty-Cent wearing it as a fashion statement - she doesn't want to take it off!

So along with me being sick came eating for comfort and boredom. Now, I don't eat alot of things but I do eat all the wrong things! Ice Cream...ok it's low fat, light blah blah blah but it's ice cream! Popcorn. Not horrible on it's own, air popped and tasting like cardboard but that's not what I'm snaking on. Bring on the butter or the kettle corn....Hold on, I'm drooling! Ok, took a sip of water to stop salivating. Pretzels. My #1 enemy. I can eat an entire box of those hard Snyders Sour dough pretzels. OH MY GOD! I love to chip a tooth on those bad boys! And well, let's face it...when your sick with the sniffles, sneezes, sinus head ache from hell, ouchy ears and the poops that come along with the antibiotics, you eat whatever you want.

The scale wasn't too bad to me but I did run around like a mad woman at the bounce house on Saturday. Riley had a birthday party for her "boyfriend" and I swear I went down the bouncy slide more than she did. It was awesome! Best work out ever! They should make adult bounce house places...make the bouncy things bigger and market it as a workout facility...hmmm, That's not a bad idea....

Here's a pic of all of us on the big slide. I'm all the way on the right with Riley in my lap. My sister is the one all the way on the left. My bro-inlaw is behind her with my nephew and then Shannon next to me.
So any who...Yesterday I had a trade show to attend and that's a work out too. I was sweating like a piggie! And it was BEAUTIFUL outside! It's georgous again today and it's supposed to be amazing again tomorrow. Riley just wants to be outside all the time and I'm totally game for that!!

This is my little Tom Boy outside in her boy's Thomas t-shirt! Have I ever told you all how addicted my DAUGHTER is to Thomas the train? Addicted! A-DIC-TID! She will only wear Thomas "panties" and if you know anything about Thomas the train, they don't make girls Thomas unders. So, my little girl where's boy's undewear. Yes, the gay moms put their daughter in boy unders. My kid is going to have such a complex! She does carry a purse though. She carries a purse all the time. You want to know what's in her purse? TRAINS! That's right! Thomas, Percy, James, Emily, Molly, Rosie...all of them are in the purse!

So I'm down 2.5 pounds in 2 weeks. Eh...that's ok. I get my next fill on Monday. Thank god!!! I've been good far but I do plan on doing a little bit of running/walking tonight since it's SOOOO nice outside. Maybe I can drop another pound before Monday.


  1. Sorry you've been sick - hope you are on the upswing. Guess you didn't snack too bad if you're still down on the scale. Your daughter is a cutie!

  2. I hope you feel better soon! The bouncy thing looks like a blast - glad you enjoyed that! So cute that your daughter loves Thomas the train so much. Good for you for letting her be herself!

    I can't believe it's already time for another fill. Seems like you just got one...I hope this one helps!

  3. Feel better soon! It sucks to be sick and we all can relate to giving your body what it craves when we are sick...CARBS!

  4. it sounds like ya'll have been having so much fun! i love those bounce houses, too. although i must admit that it was a heck of a lot easier bouncing around in them as a kid than it is now. now it really does feel like a workout whereas in childhood it was like i could bounce in them for 24 hours and never get tired. ah... weight and old age. sniff. sniff.

  5. I hate being sick! It looks like you and your baby had a blast!! I love the bounce houses.

  6. I'm all for the adult bouncy house! You crack me up...boys underwear (my DS used to sleep in one of my nightshirts)! My little tomgirl that tried every boys sport and didn't want to do any girly ones grew up and became a ballerina LOL! Hey, let them chose and they'll become what they are meant to be right :-)

    I gave you the Stiletto Award...cause you'll need those heels in the bouncy house (today's blog).

  7. Oh my! The horror, absolute HORROR! Letting a girl wear boys underwear?!?! LOL (you know I'm kidding right? :-) ) I'm envisioning that scene from "Some Kind of Wonderful" where Mary Stuart Masterson is wearing boxers and all the snooty biaches make fun of her. bothers me when people put people in gender "boxes"...anyway :-) xoxo

  8. Not sure i've said hello before, i'm just banded (8 days ago) and your blog is one of the many I read before making my decision.
    I'm from the UK, we call bounce house's soft play here which is alot duller than bounce house! Our local one does private adult parties at night, i've never been, perhaps for my 40th!!
    My son (2.5) and daughter (5) are both Thomas mad, in fact we're going to meet and ride on Thomas on Sunday here will try and post some pictures afterwards.