The P'Nut

The P'Nut

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tough Shit! No really...Tough shit!

I need fiber! And water evidently! I know I've complained about my poop before but I'm here to complain about my poop again!

My daughter will not poo-poo in the potty! We've got pee pee down but when it comes to the poop, she asked for a diaper! Ugh! Kid! POOP IN THE POTTY!!!

So much of life revolves around poop. It's important to know how often you're supposed to poop. If the poop is hard. If the poop is loose. Why is poop so important? It's the waste. Do we need to study it as long as it's leaving?

My poop clock is still living in some other time zone. My guts are all kinds of crappy! Ha! Pun! I can feel the fullness but the poop won't get out.

I feel like Amy W...full of shit! Ha! I mean I poop but only alittle. I know there's got to be more poop in there!

Anyone see the movie House Bunny? It's one of those dumb humor kind of movies that you watch when absolutely nothing else is on TV. Like when the Home Shopping Network has ugly old lady clothes or TVs. There's a part when one of the girls is trying to flirt and she asks where the crapper is...she's got a load of timber to drop off. I know it's gross but also hysterical! What can I say? Not only am I a 15 year old Twilight addict, I'm also a 1o year old boy who thinks poop is funny!

The parents out there know what i'm talking about! Think about when your baby was a baby. How much did you talk about poop? ALL THE TIME! Everything was about baby poop. That's how it's getting to be around my house because if I'm not complaining about not being able to poop then I'm bitching about Riley pooping in a diaper or that Shannon can pretty much poop on command.

Ugh! Stupid poop.


  1. I don't think it's just a baby phase. :) My mom, step-dad and I used to compare poops. Whose was longest and curled the best? Not a show-and-tell kinda thing, just, dang, you shoulda seen what I just did. We all knew we were healthy...until my mom stopped pooping and died from colon cancer. So poop stays important, like, forever. Now, getting back to normal after surgery, I tell my sweet hubby every day/every time. He actually told me on Sunday, surprising me, he wants to know. That way he knows where I am in healing, too. So somehow...poop matters. And then shit happens.

    Sorry...had to do it.

  2. Hey there..I know this is unrelated to the blog topic at hand, but are you coming to Chicago, because I don't think I have you on the hotel room list. Please email me at ASAP

  3. We do have quite an obsession with poop don't we? Kids make the obsession worse. I hated potty training.

  4. Your daughter is so cute and she looks just like you! Potty training children is frustrating, but one of these days she'll just "get it" and from that moment on, she'll use the toilet when she needs to. It is like a light switch is flipped.

    As for your issue, hmmmmm....Metamucil maybe?

    I am intrigued by Shannon pooping on command. Neat trick!

  5. Hi Chele-just read your comment on the BOOBS. If you can get to and from the hotel you should save the money and just come meet us. If you need to bring a change of clothes, etc you can use my room or I'm sure someone else will let you. I'm sticking around Chicago until Tuesday to play tourist with Sally and Roo. Do you have any suggestions about what to do. My e-mail is I was thinking it might be nice to rent a car and go outside the city for some sightseeing on the Monday-any suggestions within a 1 hour drive?

    Thanks so much and can't wait to meet you.

  6. Hi Chele - I saw your comment on a BOOBS post. Can't wait to meet you!

    My son was the same way with poop when he was potty training. We finally told him he could wear a diaper but still had to sit on the potty while he was pooping. Verrrrry gradually, he got used to the idea. But it took like five months.

    Good luck!