The P'Nut

The P'Nut

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hey Baby...Need a ride?

I'm SUPER DUPER excited to meet all of you fantastic BOOB women!! I'm totally excited! Shannon wants to know if she can come and I told her no skinny bitches allowed! Well no skinny bitches that didn't work their ass off to become a skinny bitch! Former Fatty Skinny Bitches! Hmmm...maybe that could've been a good name?

If you don't want to rent a car when you get to Chicago - I'm more than happy to run the airport shuttle! Driving in the city can be scary if you're not a native! And, it costs money to park! It's kinda crazy!!

On to the me...

I lost a pound. woo's not a big WOO WOO because I totally thought it was going to be like 4 pounds. I'm angry with myself. My food choices have totally sucked. My excersise has been sporadic. I really really really need to get on the ball so when you Boobs get here, I've made some progress! My first goal was 50 pounds by June and i'm hangind around the 35 mark. I'm going to really need to buckel down to lose the next 15 pounds. Doesn't help that Shannon and the p'nut are making a cake right now as we speak!

That's all I've got for now. I'm sure I'll have more to say tomorrow!

xoxoxo...I really cant wait to meet all of you! I'm super duper excited!!


  1. I'm flying up that thursday into Midway with Jacquie of "Can't wait to lose it with the band" so we might take you up on a shuttle offer! Oh and a lb. lost is better than 10 lbs gained, do always look on the positve! :)

  2. Yippee - can't wait to meet you! Thanks for offering shuttle - we so need that!

  3. it's going to be great meeting you!! :-)

  4. Can't wait to meet you Chele. I am married to a skinny bitch too but his name is Stephen!