The P'Nut

The P'Nut

Monday, April 26, 2010

Son of a Biscuit! That hurts!

I know I've been super slacker on my blog and I'm sorry to all of you have missed my wit and comedy!

Did you know that besides working full time, trying in vain to protect an accident prone 3 year old and being the best wife on earth, I am also a 3/4 time student? Yes! I'm a total super hero! I live on coffee and cigarettes while trying not to eat McDonald's because it's so convenient. Damn Ronald McDonald! DAMN HIM for putting a delicious, greasy, "what the f is in this food" restaurant on every other street corner in America! I'll admit it...I do like McDonald's but it literally makes me sick when I think about all the garbage that is in their food! But how do they make garbage and chemicals taste so good?

My little porty pain seems to be feeling a bit better but I left a message at the docs office to be sure. I'm having some weird right size pain now too. I'm thinking I over did it at the kiddo party yesterday. My nephew's third birthday was yesterday and I had to make a spectacle of myself and go in the big slidey bounce house with all the kidlets. I'm going to give some serious thought to building one of those bounce house places and market it as a gym for adults. I really think there could be something there.

Of course my Dad was at the party yesterday...outside smoking and inside eating countless pieces of pizza. There was salad too but I didn't see any greenery on his plate! I was angry watching him eat pizza.

Dad's tests are rescheduled for Thursday. I'm going to take him. I do think it seems alittle weird that my step mom isn't doing it. There's gotta be something going on there....I'm just not sure what. Last time he had this test scheduled, she had an annual grant meeting that she couldn't miss. She's a literacy something or other for Chicago Public Schools and her job pretty much depends on this grant and she couldn't miss the meeting, I understood then but not being able to take a day off to take your husband for test seems a bit odd....

I'm at work pain and needing to finish my 15 page marketing paper. I wish I knew what this pain was? Maybe it's just gas? It's P'nut/Mommy night tonight! I love when it's just her and I. We get to be silly,no Momma around to tell us what to do! I'm Mommy and Shannon is Momma...that's how we know who's who.

So beautiful ladies...Have a wonderful day. HAPPY MONDAY!!!


  1. so sorry to hear about your dad. i know that can be frustrating. there are some people in my family that i've wanted to just shake and tell them to do this for themselves. i know they won't regret it. and if the insurance pays for it......what's there to think about? i was a self pay so i didn't get the insurance to cover much. my pre op bloodwork and sometimes they cover fills. which makes to sense. i hope your dad's tests turn out ok, or at least bad enough to scare him to reality. keep us posted on that. enjoy your day with the pnut and good luck on your marketing paper.

  2. i would so go to an adult bouncy house place! :)
    have fun on your pnut mommy night
    and i hope everything with your dad works out!

  3. My friends are mommy and momma too! Love it.

    I love those bounce house places, my sister and I have an american gladiators competition every time we take the kids there. lol

  4. I've never been in a bouncy house for 2 reasons. One, when I was a little kids I got stuck in one and couldn't get out. All the other kids kept jumping and I couldn't get to the door. Was a bit frightening. Second reason is that I now have a fear that I'll pop that house. :-) Hope you figure out why you are in pain.

  5. I know how you feel about your dad. My dad is so unhealthy and I want him around a long time.