The P'Nut

The P'Nut

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Random thoughts by Banded Mommy

Groundhog day - My shadow has a waist! 6 more months of dieting!

Why do people look at you funny when you suddenly stop eating?

Greek yogurt is so much more delicious than traditional yogurt

Oh crap! I gotta pay my car payment!

Oh crap! I gotta pay my cell phone bill.

My mom tweets on Twitter. I think that's weird.

I really really really want an iPhone.

There should be pre-school for adults. You'd get to play all day and take a nap. That'd be the best!

Why is coffee at Starbucks so much better than making Starbucks coffee at home?

I really don't want to work!

I wish I knew what the lottow numbers were for this coming drawing.

I noticed that only moderatly fat (overweight and obese) people have walker shoes. Really fat people don't have them and really skinny people don't have them. Weird!

I really wish I was Bella Swan...I mean except for being chased by bad vampires.
I love Target but I can never find clothes there.
I think I have ADD...Oh look, SHINEY!!
Shopping is hazardous!
Heard someone at work today say that today was national smoke day and giggled. I think she thinks it's national smoke cigarettes day! Ummm...Not cigarettes lady!!! Well not cigarettes you can buy at the gas station anyway!


I have the worst cough right now. Annoying!!

I want to wake up tomorrow and magically weight 10 pounds less!

I'm totally excited to meet all of you but I'm alittle freaked out...I've never met anyone from online before.

I'm procrastinating right now. I have SOO much work to do and I just don't want to do it!

ok...I'll work now...BoRING!!!


  1. Very rambling - and funny. I'm procrastinating too.

  2. Have you tried shopping at Kmart? They have some cute clothes. I bought a really cute swimsuit there for my water aerobics class as well as some workout clothes, t-shirts and capri sweats. The shirts and capris were very inexpensive, which means if I only need to wear them a couple of months before they get too big, I won't feel too guilty about it.