The P'Nut

The P'Nut

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn & NSV

Yes. Yes, I read the Twilight series. I've watched New Mood on DVD and then I had to read Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, again! If you've never read them, I highly recommend!! I watched New Moon on Monday and had to read Eclipse again. Then after Eclipse, I had to read Breaking Dawn again. Breaking Dawn is 700+ pages and I read it in 2 days. That's just sick! I'm 32 years old and totally in love with teenage vampires!

Anywhoo...on with the weight loss or lack there of! I had a 1cc fill on Monday and I've lost a half a pound. Thank you TOM for visiting the same week as the fill, Bastard!!! Between TOM and that satanic scale, I want to force weight loss by self liposuction with my Dyson!

I did have a NSV though....Shannon and I had $40 in Kohls cash to spend along with a 15% off coupon...couldn't let those go to waste! We went shopping yesterday. I bought a shirt...a NON PLUS SIZE SHIRT!! It's an XL but it's a regular size. I wore it today. I have big ladies on the top, not like Amy W's big lady tukey-ish bits! :) I have big girls. And to be able to fit the girls into an XL top is the greatest thing!

Here's a little background...I could almost always find pants in the "normal" size section after losing like 20 pounds. I could almost always get jeans at Old Navy, 18s or 20s but I couldn't fit their XXL shirts. I'm built upside down. I'm bigger on the top, 44 DD boobies and back fat to spare but no real butt or hips. One of my goals was to be able to buy a shirt in any store. I don't think i'm quite there yet, but I'm definitely on my way and that makes me so happy and way more motivated!!

Well, it's late and I'm sleepy. I was bowling night and I've had a couple cocktails! I'm a bit tipsy and way sleepy!

G'night my band of blog buddies. Hugs, Kisses and Sweet Dreams! :)


  1. The whole Twilight thing passed me by but I started reading it yesterday and I love it! Am also in love with teenage vampires and i'm 37!

    I'm also built upside down, my legs are fairly small but my stomach and back are really big but I have reasonably small boobs, what is that about?? I have to wear a padded bra to try and balance myself out a bit.

    I'm sure the weight will come off when TOM goes.

  2. Great NSV's. I think the clothes one's are the best. Vampire girl-gotta stay away from you! I've never read the series but so many people are hooked on them.

  3. Great NSV'S!! I can't wait to get into the regular size!!

  4. awesome nsv!!
    i've been against the twilight mania...but i slowly feel myself being pulled in...