The P'Nut

The P'Nut

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bowling burns calories?!

So yesterday I pretty much worked out all day. I played for hours at the park with the P'nut. And by play I mean I climbed stairs and ran after her...and sat on the swing! That surely burned some calories. I wonder if it was enough to compensate for the Burger King kids meal I ate after the park!? Ugh! Damn the french fries! Those delicious, golden, hot, crispy, salty, carby bits of fried heaven! My absolute favorite food in the whole wide world!!

After the park, we came home and played a bit in the yard. Then I cleaned and vacuumed my car. Around 7, we were off to bowling!

According to, bowling for 3 hours burned 1269 calories! That seems incredibly high! Let's divide that by 4 since I bowl with 3 other people and surely they burned some calories too!

I had a very good calorie burning day yesterday. And then today, I'm on my butt on the couch!


  1. Maybe the others would lend you the calories to go towards the french fries. But it was only kids meal size so not so bad. Bet you used to get the large size before.

    You're doing great!

  2. oooh! bowling sounds fun. i haVen't been in a long long time! you're motivating me to go clean out my car and stuff, too. woohoo! thanks.

  3. Good job - and the best part is your Peanut had to love the time spent together.

  4. yes it does!! i bowl in a league every tuesday night and i always count it as 300 calories burned since it's not a constant thing ya know??
    sounds like you had a perfect saturday! :-)