The P'Nut

The P'Nut

Thursday, April 29, 2010

So sleepy

it was a long day!

Dad's test went better than expected. Turned out that he didn't have enough of a blockage to need a stent. I guess that's good. I listened to his excuses all day long. I was good. Made subtle comments but I'm pretty sure I didn't get through to him at all.

My surgeon's office on the same campus as the hospital. So, while Dad was doing his 4 hour wait after his procedure, i went for my appointment. He only gave me .5 a cc. What's with that? I said I can eat an entire cow and be hungry 3 hours later and you only give me .5 cc?

I'll make a better post tomorrow. I'm super tired and ready for bed.

Sleep tight BOOBs!!


  1. Glad that your Dad's tests went ok. Hope that the fill helps.

  2. Glad to hear that his test went well! You never know, he may hear you. He just may not be ready to accept the help. (((hugs)))

  3. Take the slow fills. If they go too fast you might have to back up like I did. I go for a tiny fill on Monday (probably 0.25cc) and keep imagining asking for a big fill (0.5 cc) but at that level I got stuck so don't want a repeat of going too fast. Book you next fill right now just in case you need it.

    Glad the tests went well but your dad has to come to his own conclusions.

  4. Glad the tests went well and that the news was better than anticipated.

    As for the fill...eeks. What fill level are you at, now? But maybe 0.5cc's is going to make a difference. Hey, we can hope, right? :)

  5. Glad to here your Dad's tests went well. I'm glad my surgeon is aggressive with the fills - but i still don't think I have restriction - I am at 9cc's after yesterday's fill.

  6. sometimes the aggressive fills aren't always a good thing. even though we want them. i've had to have two unfills. one was cuz i had the flu, the other was cuz i got a little too restriction happy. it happens. it really sucks to have to get unfills. it actually kinda messes with your head. at least it does with me.
    it made me feel like i wasn't cutting it. ya know? all is well now, but i say go easy with the fills. especially if you're close to your sweet spot. sometimes .25 a cc is enough to make it work for you.
    glad you talked to your dad. and the other ladies are right, maybe he heard you, just isn't listening. just keep trying.
    i'll keep you in my thoughts. keep us posted on your fill issues and with your dad. hope it gets better for you.