The P'Nut

The P'Nut

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Just want to give a quick thank you to my "followers"! I love love love all the comments and the encouragment is the best!! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!

My partner is a skinny little thing...Well she's been hoarding some pounds since P'nut was born but still. She's 5'2" and a whopping 130 pounds. She carries all her weight in her little belly and jiggly butt. I know she has no clue what I'm going through and I don't blame her at all. I try to explain how I feel and I just don't think she can grasp it since she's never been heavy and never felt the things that we feel.

My boss is also one of my best friends. She knows I'm having surgery but she's not super supportive. She knew someone who died after gastic bypass. I've been trying to explain that banding is a completely different thing but she just keeps telling me I'm beautiful and don't need surgery. She thinks I'm lying when I tell her I weigh more than 250 pounds. Now why on earth would someone tell you they weigh more than 2 adult human beings if they really didn't?

My mom...My rock! My biggest cheerleader has been thru this. She had RNY. She knows how much it changed her life. She's gained some weight back but she's still in onederland...barely but she is. She's hoping that I can inspire her to get back on track. I'm hoping she'll stay by my side when the going gets tough!

And then there's all of you...The people I've never met but have learned about by reading your inner most secrets and following your dreams. There is so much negativity around all of us everyday. It's nice to log in and read encouragement from women ( and men) who have been where I am or are where I am and they're making it through. Though I may never meet you or get to give you hug, I really appreciate the support and encouragement. Please keep it coming! And when I need tough love, hand it out! This is where I'm going to confess my failures and slip ups! This is where I will be 100% honest about who I am.



  1. It is great to have followers isnt it? How long ago did your mom have RNY?

  2. Her surgery was 8 years ago. This past year she's had issues absorbing minerals and had to go in for iron infusions (transfusions?) She started gaining wait back when she got engaged and stopped paying attention to what she put in her mouth. I really hope watching her make this mistake will teach me not to do it!

  3. Oh Chele,

    You are more than welcome! I love blogland - it's just as you said: you can pretty much 'let it all hang out' and just know whether you're having a good day or a crappy one, that you will get support. Keep posting - we love reading!!
    PS I have a Riley too - but a boy one! lol. Cute name. Is p/nut for peanut?

  4. We will always be here for you Chele! Is your Surgery next Tuesday the 26th?

  5. Hi Dash! Yes P'nut is short for peanut. We've always refered to her as Peanut, Nut, the P, nutter butter, nut butt, or somthing like that. Having our daughter, picking a donor was easier than picking a name. Isn't that funny!? For a boy we were using our dad's names but for a girl, we made it all the way to R in the baby name book before agreeing on Riley!

    Just to clairify...Riley was concieved becuase of the generosity of some unknown man.

    Hi Debi - yup! Next tuesday!!! SO EXCITED!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!!!

  6. Michele - I pray for this wonderful experience to be a positive and inspiring process - the changes you will go thru will be amazing - but remember you are always and remain the wonderful woman you are - no matter what size you are...this body is just the shell of the soul. I love you and we can do this together. love, mom xoxoxoxo

  7. I love you baby!! You know I support you 100% and I know this will make you healthier and happier in the long run. Just becuase I do know know what you have gone through I do understand it.

    Love ya,