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The P'Nut

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Advocate Good Shepherd - I'm a Fan!!!

I am such a fan of Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington! I'm usually a big pusher of Lake Forest Hospital since my mom works there and I was born there and my daughter was born there and everyone I know goes there but Good Shepherd...WOW'd me!!!

I only had to do a blood test, a pee test, an EKG and a chest x-ray for pre-op testing. I called to scheduled them but all of my tests were walk in basis. I figured it'd be there for hours!

I got into the parking lot around 1:30 yesterday afternoon. I brought a book figuring I'd have time to read...I grabbed my book and my packet of Lapband papers and headed up the two flights of stairs to what I thought was the hospital main entrance...WRONG! She tells me to get back in my car and head further down to the "revolving door"

Back in the car, I run into my step-mom at the hospital main entrance. We chat for awhile. She was there for a mammogram, everything was fine blah blah blah. I spotted a decent parking spot and headed over to it. Parked. I hugged Stepmom and told her to give my dad my love. I walk into the hospital.

I get to the desk and they tell me, again..i'm at the wrong door. Go back out and drive around the corner to the "revolving door" I ask if I can just walk to where I need to be because this is ridiculous! I can obviously use the exercise! I walk and walk and walk and take an elevator one floor (why do they do that? You think at a hospital they'd be telling the fatty where the stairs are!)

Anyhow I make it to the Outpatient Testing place and sit down with the scheduler and she's great! She has a son who will be 2 in a couple months. We talk personal through all the paper work. She's very nice. She sends me to the lab

Lab lady is great too...pokes me arm, gives me a cup to pee in and walks me to the changing room for my chest x-ray.

I change into the tent (I mean the xxxxxxxxxl hospital gown) and go into the waiting area. I sat and opened my book...I didn't even read a sentence and I'm up and moving again. Into the xray room. They snap the pictures of my beautiful lungs and walk me over to EKG...hooked up. Chit chat with the EKG lady.

I go back and change into my close and walk out. I was there for less than 45 minutes!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 4 tests in less than 45 minutes? Including talk to my stepmom and having a conversation with everyone I ran into...Excellent. Kudos! 5 Stars!!

I then I went to The Cheesecake Factory where I at decent until dessert! They really need to think about offering half slices of their delicious cakes!

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  1. i am so glad you are blogging! yay! jan 26 is right around the corner! are you excited or what?