The P'Nut

The P'Nut

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Awesome, Crazy Weekend!

Let's start with Friday....

I left work alittle early because I had to run a couple errands including stopping at the Avenue to see what was on sale. When I got there I discovered that all clearance items were 50% off!! WOO HOOO!!! I bought a pair of capris, size 14. I bought a pair to skinny jeans, size 16 and a top size 22 to wear now! Total cost, $13! What a deal!

Friday night we had reservations for my last supper slash, our 12 year anniversary dinner at Wildfire. It was DELICIOUS!!! We started with a salad and the Goat Cheese appetizer. I had to get the Martini Flight, 4 awesome martinis! I had the surf and turf with mushrooms caps as my side. So So So YUMMY!

Saturday was our daughter's 3rd birthday! A bowling party with 13 3-8 year old kiddos was just completely insane! We had a blast!

Today I went shopping with my sister. We found another Avenue and did more clearance shopping! We then went to Macy's and I got a new pair of shoes. My brother in law made a delious dinner. Shannon and the p'nut met us there. Riley and her cousin (they're 3 months apart) ran around like crazy. When we got home, She was screaming that her ear hurt. She's running a fever and she's snotty...we'll be at sick call in the morning.

That was our crazy weekend! There are pictures of my last supper above. I meant to take a picture before I started eating but I forgot!


  1. That's ok, I totally forgot to take a picture of my Fillet Mignon completely!!

    Sounds like you had a blast, that's great.

    Hope your daughter isn't too sick.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend and hey think about it pretty soon you'll be able to say goodbye to avenue forever and shop the sales at oldnavy or express !! YAY !

  3. congrats on the 12 years! and happy birthday to the p'nut!!!!