The P'Nut

The P'Nut

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My pre-op appointment is tomorrow! I'm so excited!!

Work is completely insane right now and I was up working until after midnight last night and it's looking like that's what I'll be doing again tonight. It's not helping that I'll be out all morning tomorrow and then the last week of the month I'll be out for surgery! It seems so far away but so close at the same time.

I have a list of questions for the surgeon tomorrow. I meet with the nut first. I'm looking forward to that too. I do find myself eating like I'm never going to be able to eat again. I really need to stop this! I shared a sandwhich with a friend today but then ate a rice krispie treat, not becuase I was hungry but with the sole thought that I won't be able to eat another one for awhile. How dumb is that?


  1. No, it is not dumb, it is just normal. We call it a long line of last meals, LOL.

    Just remember that once you have the Surgery & a are a few weeks out, you can eat pretty much anything you want to, just in much smaller portions.

    So if you can get your brain to accept this (most of us didn't), then you can bypass the last meal syndrome & not continue to gain weight until you are on your forced Pre-Op Diet!!

  2. i love RK treats. i haven't tried one yet since banding. sigh. now i am thinking about it. gee, thanks. lol.