The P'Nut

The P'Nut

Friday, May 7, 2010

Goodness, Gracious, My Band Feels Like it's on Fire!

Not really but I'm getting some heartburn. I must have really pissed Frida off.

I ate cereal for breakfast. Rice Krispies. They're small and if you let them sit in the milk for 30 seconds they become mush! Frida is not liking it. Frida's not liking much of anything since the pizza and salad fiasco of yesterday.

I'm having lunch with a friend today. She knows I'm banded but I really really don't think she'll take too well to me running to the bathroom when I get stuck. I'm going to stick with soup for lunch. It's cold and rainy today so soup is PERFECT! Too bad it's Friday. Everyon has Clam Chowder on Friday's and I'm not a big Clam Chowder fan. I'm sure there'll be some chicken noodle or somthing.

I'm still boycotting the scale. I will take measurments tomorrow for sure and post the progress. Maybe I'll even take some panty pictures and post before and afters. Shannon is the WORST picture taker but she took the before, she should probably take the afters. I think it's becuase she's skinny that she things you can hold the camera low. We chubby girls know...Camera up high!! HIGHER HIGHER...PERFECT! Stick out your chin and CHEEEEEESE!

So I read that the people banded at the same time as me have more fluid in their bands than I do. What gives? Why is my surgeon a wuss? I guess it's good though because I obviously haven't figured out how to eat and not get stuck. This learning curve sucks!

I'm having the WORST hair day. Sorry that was just a random thought that I had to share.



  1. Hey Chele,
    I hear you on the photo thing! :) When you get a chance, can you shoot me an email. My addy is I am one of the BOOBS planners and want to run something by you.


  2. I am so feeling you on the Stuck issue...see my blog today!

    I'm sorry you are still not feeling much better...hang in there and be gentle with Frieda!

  3. Heartburn stinks. Maybe some gentle meals will make her feel better and she'll stop punishing you!

  4. All I can say is that I ended up having to have some fluid taken out when that happened to me.. Hope it gets better. Give her a couple days of liquids.. Sending you a whole lot of luck..