The P'Nut

The P'Nut

Monday, March 8, 2010

39 grams of protein before noon!

It's a new record for me and I didn't even have to choke down a poop inducing shake! I'm on target to hit 80 grams today and thank goodness for that! My hair is falling out by the handful and I'm starting to resemble a middle aged man with a horseshoe comb over!

So far by food has gone like this...

Wake up and have a CIB (carnation instant breakfast for you people that don't text and still spell everything out!)

On the way to work, Stop at SBucks because I'm a total Starbucks whore and I was way too lazy to make my own coffee this morning. So I got a Cappuccino.

Arrive at work and answer emails and decide I'm a tad hungry so I head to the cafeteria for some scrambled eggs with cheese. I didn't eat it all but I don't know how to count fractions of eggs. If it's on my plate, I count it as ate!

I'm half way thru my calories which kind of sucks but I'm more than half way thru my protein! What do you think? Is this a good day or a bad day? I'm thinking good because I'm feel fantastic!!


  1. I have to ask, but what charting software are you using for your food log? I like the looks of it!

    I guess it's wierd to say, but I like my morning protien shakes! :)

  2. Hi Stephanie - i use the free version. I LOVE IT!! Everything is pre-loaded!!

  3. I am a starbucks whore as well. I loooooove me some good strong coffee. lol We make third shift coffee in our house and Starbucks is the only place I can get it as strong as we make it at home. We put 7 scoops in a 12 cup pot. lol I'm no longer allowed to make coffee at the office anymore. lol

  4. Blahhh - the hair loss side of things suck. Hope it slows for you soon.