The P'Nut

The P'Nut

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Define: Hersband and other randomness

Hersband - noun. Play on the word Husband. Definition - A life partner in a committed lesbian relationship- usually the more masculine, or handy type.

Tuesday night, Shannon, my hersband mowed the lawn while the p'nut and I played in the puddle (we have a small pool, one of those cheapy ring pools) It was hot. She mowed. We played. She's the world's best hersband.

My mom had foot surgery last week. Had some bones in her foot fused. She called yesterday to see if I could deliver her prescription. I was home with a ear infected, feverish p'nut so Shannon did it. She's a good daughter without law or Daughter Outlaw as I like to call it.

My eating has been better. I'm following the rules more and couting my chews. I'm getting alittle obssessive about counting but it seems to work. I haven't slept well lately and I think that's why the scale isn't moving. I'll blame whatever I can when the scale doesn't move.

I feel like I got hit by a truck. My body is tired. Volleyball whooped me last night. I actually ate some sand...not tasty, pretty gritty.

I really really REALLY need to win the lotto. I don't want to work anymore. I don't mind the working part, it's the getting up and driving here part that I loathe. I don't understand the tollway/freeway/expressway when it backs up. We're all moving in the same direction, who the heck slowed down? Verticle peddle on the right people....Let's move!!

I want to wake up tomorrow as a size 8. Wonder if I can "The Secret" that into reality? If I just start wearing size 8 pants, maybe they'll magically fit one day.

We're moving. Did I mention that? We went thru some financial crisis over the last year. Just like everyone else, the economy has killed our home value and blah blah blah. We found a place not far from our current place. I'm SO SO SO SO excited to move!! I can't wait. It's bigger and the basement is finished and there will actually be a place for a treadmill! WHOOP WHOOP!! Shannon wants to buy a stationary bike too. How do we keep the p'nut entertained while we work out? Do they have work out DVDs for preschoolers?

I think that's all the randomness I have for right now. If I'm falling asleep later, I may post some more randomness just to keep myself awake!


  1. yes! they actually do have workout videos for kids! lol
    man i need a hersband! because neither me nor my bf like doing house stuff lol

  2. I also need a hersband... my husband never does yardwork, I would do it but our lawn mower broke so I hired a dude to do our lawn lol.