The P'Nut

The P'Nut

Monday, August 16, 2010

Good bye FAVORITE food...I'll miss you

I've figured it out. I know what gets me stuck. It is none other than my absolute favorite food. And when I say FAVORITE, I mean the food I could eat for days and days and days and not get tired of. It's none of other than french fries.

It's summer and we eat out a lot during the summer. Espcially this summer. It's been hotter than something really really hot here in the Chicagoland area. What do you get everything you order at any restaurant? That's right, fries. Delicious fries. 99% of the time, I'd only eat half of them but since being banded, I could only eat a few and I'd usually save them until the end, following at least that bandster rule.

So I've been exprimenting...getting fruit, veggies, mashed, baked, or something to replace the delicious fried taters and you know what? I haven't gotten stuck. DAMN YOU FRENCH FRIES! Why did it have to be you? I'm not sure if it's because I eat them fast or if it's becuase I eat too big of bites or if it's just that they're my favorite so they have to be the culprit but I've learned.

My great aunt died last weekend. Her wake was Thrusday. Shannon, p'nut and I got there pretty early. My dad showed up about 30 mins after us. I've talked about my dad before. He's incredibly unhealthy. Eats fast food constantly. Drinks regular soda. Smokes. Has high blood pressure. Has high cholesterol. Has diabetes. Has COPD. Has had a heart attack. Well he came walking in...more like lumbering in, sweating, breathing heavy and had to use a chair to hold himself up. He was so out of breath. I keep this picture in my head, reminding myself each time I put food in my mouth...this is what I DON'T want to be. I love my dad but I do not want to be in his position in 20 years. That will not be me!

So I will no longer be eating french fries becuase not only do they make me yarf, they can push me down the path of my father. Good Bye french fries. You've been a great friend and I will miss you. I may try to visit but we are not good for each other. I love you french fries. Good Bye.


  1. Ugh, I'm right there with ya. Fries aren't my faves, but I like 'em alright on occasion. And I can't do it. Not them, not tater tots, not baked taters, not mashed taters, not potatoes au gratin...nothin tater.

    And that was not something I had hoped for.

    Such is life. A carb's a carb's a carb, eh?

    I am sorry to hear about your great aunt. And I think you are wise to have the mental image. I'm right there with ya, I don't want to be my dad in 20 (or 30) years, either. His problems ultimately took his life, way too young...

  2. Oh that's so the word yarf. Sorry about the loss in your family.

  3. I am so sorry you had to give up fries, but I'm glad you won't be getting stuck anymore. I am also so sorry about your loss. I am a new follower, I am going to Chicago with the Boobs and finding a few that I was not following or reading... So here I am! *Maria*-blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..." Check out my blog at

  4. I'm sorry about your dad, and your great aunt. It stinks to have to give up the stuff we like, but I know its all for the good. Good for you for doing it!!

  5. Haven't seen a post from you in a while. Hope everything is okay.