The P'Nut

The P'Nut

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yummy stuff!

I am officially back on the wagon! My breakfast was deeeee lishes! Usually, at work, I'm a hot breakfast...eggs with cheese is my staple but I went grocery shopping yesterday on my way home from work and I decided to pick up a different brand of Greek Yogurt.

I was eating the Danon Greek Strawberry which was just ok. It was fat free and full of protein but I couldn't eat the whole thing, it was just too gritty. So yesterday I picked up some Chobani. The only fat free Chobani they had was peach, so I grabbed 2 but I also grabbed 2 of the 2% ones figuring they're only 3 grams of fat and as long as that's all the fat I'm eating for that meal, it should be ok. OH MY GOD! That was the a very VERY delicous 3 Grams of fat! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

And now I'm off to refill my water bucket....24 ozs down....40+ more to go!

P'nuts doing well by the way! My little bruiser!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Scale Movement! WOO HOOO!!

It was totally because of stress but I lost .6 pound..FINALLY!

Yesterday my little p'nut had her first real run in with the ground and needed 4 stitches. We got a call from daycare at 3:45. At 5 we were in the pediatrician's office and by 6 we were at the hospital getting her stitched up.

I was fine thru the stitching process but as soon as she was done, I went white as a ghost and felt alittle faint. All better after a few minutes but my stomach was still queasy. All of that adrenalin pumping thru my body.

I had class last night too so after the stitching, Shannon took Riley home and I made my way up to school. I stopped at Starbucks for a cappuccino and tried their Tomato Mozzerella Panini. It's delicious but I was so worked up I only ate a few bites of it before I just felt sick. Nothing to do with the band, I was just too anxious and keyed up to eat.

The p'nut is doing fine today. She's got a band-aid over her war wound and school is treating her like a princess. I'm working in a different location today so that I can be closer to her...and I had a meeting here but I could have easily gone to my office after.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Good Poop - Bad poop - Gimme some of dat...POOP

My poop clock is all kinds of screwed up! I used to be a morning pooper. I'd poop before my shower. Poop, weigh, dance around naked in front of the mirror loving my less fat body then jump in the shower on a scale dropping high. It would start my day in a most wonderful way!

Now...I wake up and pee......Give it a minute. Do I need to poop? Is the poop coming? HELLO?? POOP WHERE ARE YOU!??? No poop. Get on the scale. It does't move or it's just .2 up or down. I don't dance in front of the mirror but I turn and grumble at myself in the mirror making those fat faces where to scrunch your neck and sing "fat guy in a little coat". I get in the shower sad until a good song comes on the radio and then I start dancing in the shower thinking that at least i'm burning calories.

So I'm blaming my poop clock. My internal defication detector is malfunctioning. I need a major colon clense! So poop get ready...No more of this afternoon poop. No moreof this half a poop, poop.

Oh and Frida, what's going on? You're supposed to be controlling portions in there and you're just wide open! Two weeks, bitch and the doc is going to fill you up and you'll be back in line!

Thanks for all your comments and encouragement! I know, it was only half a donut but what if a half a donut becomes a half a dozen donuts! Keep me in check ladies!! :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Headline Reads - Pregnant Lady Force Feeds Banded Lady Doughnut

It was my fault...I bought her the donut! And she took a couple bites and then felt sick. So the doughtnut went back in the bag that was when it began calling my name. It told me how delicious it was and how it would be fine to eat it since it was only half of a donut.

I ate it. I admit it...I ate the donut. And it was good and then I felt like a total failure! I haven't dropped any pounds even though I've dropped my pants. And in my discouragement, I ate the donut.

Friday, March 19, 2010

A week of no scale movement?

Ok scale, you're really pissing me off!!! Yes, I ate a bunch of green colored food goodies but I worked my ass off! Well not really but I didn't sit around at all!! Ok OK, I had chinese food and birthday cake yesterday but my baby sister will only turn 16 once! UGH! I need to get back on a diet and stop this eating frenzy!

Hey Frida...stop being pissed off when I eat bread! I like bread and you keep making it have me feel like I'm having a f-ing heart attack! I acutally had to PB up some soda bread on St. paddy's day. It was my first PB. I was on my way to the bathroom and had to stop in a conference room because it was on the way out!

My pants are too big but the scale isn't moving. I want a Diet Coke like you can't imagine! My pregnant friend is all barfy! That's my complaining for the day!!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green Food and Pregnant BFs

This place is swarming with green food and I've eaten some of it! I didn't eat breakfast and I'm not going to eat lunch, I'm just going to snack all day long.

Pretzels with dip and cakes and chips and cakes and soda bread and veggies and's just all too good.

SO my bestie/boss/car pool buddy is pregnant! And anyone who's been pregnant with their first baby knows how much you eat just because you can. She's still in that place where everything tastes gross and nothing sits right. We're ok so far but when she gets into that 2nd trimester, and wants to eat everything in sight, I'm gonna have to ditch her at the buffet! I really really need a fill and to hit my sweet spot before she hits the second trimester or I'm going to be in trouble!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I have no idea what I'm going to ear for dinner....

I have my Stats final tonight...THANK GOD!! I wish the final was last week. I'm just so happy this stinkin' class is over after tonight.

Sooooo...usally by now, I have planned what I'm going to have for dinner and it usually include Noodles & Co. tomato soup, potstickers and Iced Tea but I'm not feeling Noodley today.

Around school are all sorts of goodies, Subway, Quiznos, BWW, McD, Arbys but what do I want to eat? The scale has been a big jerk lately and I TOM is vitsiting, AGAIN! I hate TOM. Stupid TOM makes me want Snickers and m & m's! I was thinking about doing a quick run before school...Just alittle jog to keep me from going to the vending machine before class....

So, HELP!! Tell me what to eat!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Scale you suck but the NSVs keep on comin'!

The scale has been bouncing between gaining a pound...Losing a pound...gaining a pound....losing a pound. Grrrr...I'm not stepping on that f-ing thing until Wednesday at the earliest!

NSV #1
Usually at our local greasy spoon, I ask to sit at a table since sitting in a booth can be tight and uncomfortable. Today, they showed us to a booth. I was nervous and I let the host walk away and asked P'nut if she wanted to sit with Mommy or Momma and then I scootched my body into the booth. I have room!! My tummy isn't even close to touching the table. WOO WOOOOOO!!!

I just took a bath with P'nut. I haven't done it in a while and she's super crabby today. The time change is terrible with a 3 year old! So I get in the tub with her and I have more room. It's not like I'd get stuck in the bath tub but I used to feel like a hippo in bath tub and now i feel more like a person in a bath tub.

NSV #3
It's kind of sad but happy at the same time. My favorite jeans are too big. We had bowling last night (yes bowling...I know, we're SO Roseanne Conner) and I nearly lost my pants once. That's was the moment I decided I have to give up wearing them.

All in all, I'm feeling great, but I sure wish the scale would starting moving down again.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hello? Restriction??? Where'd you go??

Hi Restriction, it's Michele. I'm just wondering when you think you may return. Frida is useless when you're not around and I'm required to rely on will power which I will admit, is LOW or else Frida would never have been allowed to come work with me. If you could give me a buzz and let me know what your plans are, that'd be great! Thanks!

My fill didn't even last a whole week!?!?! Well that kinda sucks! I'm not overeating but my portions aren't near as small as they were over the weekend or on Monday. What happened to my tightness??

I just split a meal with a friend. I ate less than she did which is way better than pre-band when I may have left her hungry but I still had over a half a cup of food. I'm sure if I would've eaten slower I would have eaten less because now I feel full but a couple days ago, I would have been uncomfortable and stopped.

My next fill appointment is April 5th.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

6 weeks post-op today...

and I feel FANTASTIC!!! Fantastic is my new word! I love it. It's FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!

Last week I set a goal for myself. Since i was so close to 30 pounds, I wanted to lose 3o by my 6 week bandiversary. I didn't meet the goal but I am closer! I'm down 29.5...well one scale said 29.5 the other said 29. Let's be honest ladies, the lower scale is always right!!

So I've had a great morning even with it taking me an hour and twenty minutes to make it to work. I'm at a closer bulding today, it should have taken me 40 minutes MAX! Oh well. I stopped this morning to get cigarettes...Let me stop here...I know smoking is bad. I know that I'm a dirty dirty smelly yucky smoker! I want to quit, I really do but it's super hard. I quit while pregnant and while nursing but I picked it right back up again and now I'm having a really hard time putting those dirty stinky sticks down. Don't get on me about smoking...I know, I know,I know! One thing at a time...first weight, then the cancer sticks.

Ok so I stop at the gas station and I decide to get some lotto scratch tickets since I have $3 in my wallet, I got $3 worth. I'm walking out of the gas station and there's a penny on the ground. I picked it up. Come on now! I just bought lotto tickets, I lost 29+ pounds AND I find a penny?!?! I'm totally winning a gazillion dollars on these scratch tickets! I didn't. I won $4 but hey, I'm up a dollar!

I stopped at crackbucks and got my crack...I mean I stopped at starbucks and got my coffee and now I am at work.

In traffic this morning,I decided it was a pefect photo op. I took out my handy dandy Crackberry (black berry) and snapped a picture of me for my 6 week, 29.5 pounds lost gift to myself! I look BEAUTIFUL!! I just got my hair done on friday too so my red is super bright!

My lunch bag is in the car seat. Gotta keep that protein packed food safe!!!

Let me tell you where I see changes in my face...First my eyes are deepset and now, you can really tell. Even though I did take the picture from the "fat girl, don't show my chins" angle, I can acutally see my chin structure...I didn't know there was bone there!! Let's see if I can find a before picture from the same angle....
This is me and the peanut August or september of 2009. Hello chubby chins!

I want to invite you all to be my friend on Facebook. I wasn't telling anyone about my surgery and now I tell everyone. I'm way to excited and happy to keep this wonderfullness in!

Monday, March 8, 2010

39 grams of protein before noon!

It's a new record for me and I didn't even have to choke down a poop inducing shake! I'm on target to hit 80 grams today and thank goodness for that! My hair is falling out by the handful and I'm starting to resemble a middle aged man with a horseshoe comb over!

So far by food has gone like this...

Wake up and have a CIB (carnation instant breakfast for you people that don't text and still spell everything out!)

On the way to work, Stop at SBucks because I'm a total Starbucks whore and I was way too lazy to make my own coffee this morning. So I got a Cappuccino.

Arrive at work and answer emails and decide I'm a tad hungry so I head to the cafeteria for some scrambled eggs with cheese. I didn't eat it all but I don't know how to count fractions of eggs. If it's on my plate, I count it as ate!

I'm half way thru my calories which kind of sucks but I'm more than half way thru my protein! What do you think? Is this a good day or a bad day? I'm thinking good because I'm feel fantastic!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

AWARD!! For me? Let me get my speech ready...

First I'd like to thank the academy for giving me this award! Just kidding but THANK YOU FOR THE AWARD!!

So I've been looking for nominees and I think everyone has been nominated!! And if they haven't been nominated, I totally think they deserve to be!

I don't have tons and tons of followers and I kind of like it that way. I can pretty much keep up with the 42 followers. I can read your posts most of the time. I may not always comment, but I do drop by to check up. I'm like a mama bear in a baby banded bear body!

If you are here - reading my blog and having any emotional reaction, you deserve an award!!

So here is the award...

I love all my followers and you all are like a good bra - supportive and beautiful!! Now if I could fit into that bra in the picture....well that's a whole other post!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

2 more down

Thank you fill! I'm totally in love with 3 cc's of saline! I mean, I'm sure I'll want more in a couple weeks but right now, totally in love with it!!! I can eat but not a's just perfect!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Givin' back some love!

I just need to tell you all how much I love and apprciate every little bit of support you give me everyday! I don't think I realized how much I would rely on my blog buddies for guidance and acceptance and kindness. I love you all for not judging my shamrock shake and giving me a push to just keep going!

That said...I'M STARVING!! I need this fill to loosen up! Just a little bit. I want some eggs! I want some creamy soup! I want something other than liquids! I can only eat half a know how long that shuts my stomach up for? About 20 minutes then it's back to growling like a wild animal!

Bring on the support buddies! I'm about to eat my arm off!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Got a filly!

I got my first fill!! WOO HOOOO!! I got 3cc. I'm so excited. I didn't even expect a fill today. I thought he'd make me go home and wait 2 more weeks but nope, he asked if I was hungry between meals, I said yes and he said that it sounds like it's time for a fill. Like I was going to argue?

I laid down, he felt my port. I sat up while he got the needle and such ready. Saw the needle...laid back down!!! He asked me to tighten my tummy muscules, like push my belly out at him. and then just a little poke. I was more suprised the way he pulled that bad boy out of there..YANK! He put a band aid on, asked me to take a few sips of my coffee and wa-la! All done.

Shannon and the P'nut were with me. Riley kept saying "Mommy's getting a shot just like Riley." after it was done she said it was her turn for a shot! She's so cute!

We went to eat after. Well they ate and I tried to drink some milk and eat some soup, chicken noodle minus the noodles. A couple swigs of milk and I thought I was going to lose it! Too too too fast chugging the milk I guess. I waited about 5 minutes and tried a small spoon full of soup...ok. Took a small sip of milk...ok. I was done. That was 2 hours ago and now my tummy is in full growl mode!

Getting fills is nothing! He didn't numb the area or anything and there was no rooting around for my port. Poke, plunge, pull. Nothin' to it!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Hate you!


I feel a bit better now!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wow...that's uncomfortable!

I'm eating my normal breakfast, scrambled eggs with cheese. Sitting at my desk, shoveling eggs into my pie hole, reading email, not paying attention and then...WHOA! What's that? That's not right? OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! BURNING! BURNING!!! Gonna barf! GONNA BARF!! Sip some water. Still gonna barf. I look down...Oh boy, I've eaten a lot! I wasn't paying any attention to my chewing or the size of bites. I'm guessing that I got stuck! Actually stuck on scrambled eggs! Stand up! Stretch. Pace around my cubical. Spit into the garbage can. Sit down. Take a deep breath....RELAX. RELAX RELAX!!!! Egg passes. AHHHHH.....Sip of water. I feel it go thru. One more small bite of eggs, it makes it through and I tossed the rest.
So I stepped on the scale this morning! STUPID STUPID STUPID!!! I had a Shamrock Shake yesterday. I paid today. I'm at 240 this morning! I gained a pound between my period and eating the stupid Shamrock shake. I'm hoping this pound drops off! So I gained a pound but my pants are loser than last week. What's with that? My bras are getting too big too. I have big girls so I don't mind losing a tad in the ta ta area. So the scale moves up and the pants fall down? I don't get it but the scale is just a number but the way I feel is the true test. Even with this cold that won't go away, I feel super fantastic about how my close fit!