The P'Nut

The P'Nut

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

When will I ever learn?

I think I've learned an important lesson....DO NOT DRINK WHILE EATING!!! Yes, I have been banded for 4 months and it has taken me this long to truely understand the ramifications of mixing liquids and solids! Is it because I have some restriction now? I'm thinking yes....

So Saturday no wait maybe it was was Sunday, Shannon and I fruitlessly tried to start our lawn mower for 45 minutes. It's broken. We went to buy a new one. P'nut spots the Golden Arches and I ask Shannon is she's hungry. We pull in to the drive thru. I order my 4 pc kids meal with a large iced tea. We pull in to the adjacent Wal-Mart parking lot and I take a bite of my McNugget then a swig of tea, not thru the straw. OUCH. Oh that's not good. I try and bite of nugget because I'm a fat kid and I want more food. Nope...Not moving. More tea...oh that's really bad. The slime starts. SLIME SLIME SLIME SLIME SLIME SLIME. I've wasted of the napkins. I get out and walk around. I think I'm a bit better. I put the food away and get on the road. 3 miles later...I pull over.

It's 95 degrees outside. We're on a 4 lane road. I'm standing behind the truck (GMC Envoy) spitting yuck into the weeds. I'm next to the exhausted and my feet start to burn. I walk around and spit some more. Then get back in the truck. It's only a couple more miles to Lowes. I can make it. I think. We pull in the parking lot and I hope out of the drivers seat in the middle of the lane waving to Shannon. I can't talk. I've got too much goop in my mouth. Spit, spit spit spit spit spit spit spit spit.....walk walk walk walk walk walk walk. RELIEF. It goes down. The rest of the day is without incident. I stick with mushy foods.

Yesterday, CPL (crazy pregnant lady) and I head out for a shopping excursion. I have the p'nut and she wants a hot dog. Ok. I can eat a hot dog. Again, I order a hot dog and an iced tea. Two bits in and I'm stuck again. Yeah, I drank so tea too. DAMN IT! This time it's worse. I'm in the bathroom when are slimy ball of food finally come up. SWEET relief. I think it's over. We pack up to go. In the parking lot, the slime start again. WTF? I thought I just PB'd this stuff up? 30 minutes of spitting later the food goes down.

Am I too tight or am I getting stuck because I'm breaking the no drinking rule?


  1. I'm thinking it's the drinking while eating. You just need to get in the habit of not drinking any more when you eat your meal. Good luck with it!

  2. It sounds like it's too tight. Although I don't know the real answer - but I thought that the drinking thing was because food would slide through too easily if you did so which negates the effect of the band stimulating the vagus nerve. Fluid turns anything into a slider, was what I thought the problem was - which is why, for example, if we are eating spicy food and need a drink to calm the mouth down, it's ok to take small sips but just don't let the sips go crazy. I know when I start to feel like something isn't going if I take a sip of a soda, the carbonation seems to tickle the food through.

    But it is VERY probable that I have no idea what I'm talking about. :)

    Call your doctor. If you are too tight and it keeps going it may very well just get worse.

    And no matter what, break the habit. :) A lot easier said than done, though.

  3. I can sympathize with you...I've made that mistake a couple of times recently and I have learned the hard way that drinking and eating no longer mix with me. Literally and figuratively!!

  4. LDswims is right about liquid being a no-no because it makes everything slide thru the band faster BUT, in your case, I think you may have been using it to wash something down your esophagus. Different story completely and yikes, it won't work. This has been the hardest instict for me to get over.

    I'm not sure I think you're too tight though. You can't judge that if you're not following the rules. ;)

  5. I suspect you'd have slimed even without the drinking. Do you think you may have taken too big a bite or not chewed enough? Once the food is stuck, adding the beverage only makes it worse, of course. I'm sorry you had such a hard time.

  6. I will say it is neither :) I think it is the food itself. I have found that when I am tighter (but not too tight) chicken nuggets don't go down well unless I really do the teeny tiny bites and chew chew chew. I think it is the breading - it turns gummy or something. I had several issues the last couple weeks, but now I am fine. As for hot dogs - I know many people who have problems with these.

    Drinking just makes it worse if you drink AFTER getting stuck. In fact some times when I get really stuck I will drink a little pop just to make the stupid stuff come out (ewww..). If you drink before and during instead it will wash the food down (as long as it is chewed enough). I typically do this when I eat out b/c I am afraid of getting stuck. I get hungry too quickly, but it is better than the alternative!

  7. I agree with TJ, i was banded with you , just got tightened the other day, cant get much down especially if i take big bites , need to do baby pieces and chew chew chew, i have been having the slim episodes for the post 2 wk almost everyday